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Shiney Ahuja and Sayali Bhagat in Horror Movie Ghost

Rating: 1/10

Stars: Sayali Bhagat, Shiney Ahuja, Tej Sapru, Deepraj Rana, Julia Bliss and Gulshan Rana.

Director: Puja Jitinder Bedi

Genre: Horror

Release Date: 13 January 2012

Ghost is apparently a horror film starring the controversial Shiney Ahuja, this being his first movie after his rape scandal.

Sayali Bhagat is the female lead. He plays the role of a cop while she plays the role of Dr. Suhana, in whose hospital the supernatural events occur. In reality though, it was hardly a horror film. As a kid I used to watch these horror shows on television like Aahat and Vikraal aur Gabraal. It was more or less like those daily soaps. In fact they were scarier and more realistic than this movie.

When I saw the promos, the movie did look promising and I was also stunned for a bit, when it didn’t even half as much as live up to my expectations. It was more like a humourous film. The horror scenes actually made me laugh. The ghosts looked fake and noises sounded like somebody scratching a table.

It is the story of chief investigation officer Vijay Singh who works for a detective agency. There are some gruesome murders taking place in a hospital where the heart of the victim is ruthlessly ripped out and the body is in a grotesque shape. Dr. Suhani and Vijay Singh then fall in love and it is then that Vijay meets with an accident. Him rediscovering his past and the reason for these murders is the story that follows.

The director had promised during an interview that the special effects would match up with those of international horror films. On the contrary, they couldn’t even match up with the horror standards of television shows. It was supremely funny to see the protagonists romancing each other, oblivious of the serious murder investigations going on in the backdrop. The script was juvenile and very evidently portrayed the inexperience of the director. The romantic scenes look forced and out of place and the drama could have been tolerable if it was fast paced and a little spicier.

Sayali Bhagat in Ghost

Sayali Bhagat in Ghost

Shiney Ahuja, yet again, had his trademark blank, white expression. His performance was dull; one of the reasons could also be the stodgy, dragged script. Sayali Bhagat was average. She did not suit the role of her doctor. Her dresses were shorter than well, her doctor’s coat also. She proves yet again that models cannot be actresses, with the exception of very few exceptional ones.

The music is extremely bland and the songs come abruptly and break the flow of the drama. The background music was absolutely dry and not good enough for a horror film, since that is what frightens the audiences the most. The correct background score in a scary film can send shivers down your spine. This movie could just make us shiver with the horror of sitting through it for a good two hours and getting bored and tortured throughout.

To add on to all this, the ghost dances with Sandip Soparrkar in the concluding track. It couldn’t get funnier than this. Everything from the storyline to ghost itself looks fake. It is an unsuccessful attempt to cash in on the Friday the 13th legend. It could never in my wildest imaginations be compared to the 1990 Demi Moore film, Ghost. This is quite the opposite in fact. It is one of the few horror films that actually makes us laugh so I may sound weird, but I would say that, that should be a reason why one must watch this movie.


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