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When a choreographer dances to the tune of others: Farah Khan becomes the ‘heroine’

Bollywood News Mar 8, 2012 No comments
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The choreographer who has for years now earned a name as a woman who can make any actor move will now showcase a different side of herself to the audience.

Farah Khan - Dance Master becomes Actor

Farah Khan - Dance Master becomes Actor

Farah Khan has decided to prove her acting prowess has taken up Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi. So the big question that has put everyone on the thinking mode is will the choreographer turned actor alsoperform her usual duty of choreographing the songs in the movie. If you think you will see her play both roles then well, probably not. The actor for the movie clearly gave up saying it will be a little too much of an effort especially at her age. She said she would not want to take up choreography since it could greatly affect her concentration on acting and will also add a lot of burden. We hear from the grapevine that Longinus Fernandes who was Farha’s long time assistant will take up the choreography part for the film.

In a lighter spirit the eager actress expressed that a mother of triplets, and at a age which says 37 years she can not take on difficult steps and will request Fernandes to keep it less complicated. The actress also has knee problems and does not want dance to take toll on her health.

What will the movie have though? What got the choreographer interested to act in a film? So Farha is playing the role of a spinster, Shirin. The Parsi lady has been ditched by a blind date and this makes her really hopeless. To get over the situation she decides to get drunk and then we can all guess. The drunken woman falls into dancing and quite evidently makes a complete mess in the club. The movie, which is being directed by Bela Saigal who is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s sister, is going to film the song soon. The brother has given her a word to mark his presence while the song is being shot. Matching the mode of the song, the lyrics go like ‘God help me, I will have to really get drunk’. The actress said that she needed a complete makeover to get on the look of the character in the movie. The clothes have been revamped completely for her. The western gear is the look that she needs to sport, no surprise she is playing a Parsi lady after all. She said that she had not worn a skirt ever since she graduated from college but for the film she started wearing clothes that she had almost given up in life. While the look does ask for a change of wardrobe she does not need to lose weight. She must have a few extra inches everywhere in order to match the natural look of a spinster. She did still go to the gym to get into shape and look healthy and not overloaded.

She says that acting has caught her interest but the whole deal of setting your hair, doing layers of make up and all of these activities do not keep her very pleased. We all pay some price or the other to get the real joy. Opposite her the male lead is being played by ever so charming Boman Irani. The movie is almost about to be concluded around March 20. On a personal note Farah mentions that to play her part she has to put on fake, artificial nails as her habit of chewing her nails off makes her pay this price. While her daughter get attracted to this show and feel happy to see this change in her, the son runs away till she sees her sport her usual casual look, a tee and tracks. Kids are just what bring out the true you!


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