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Tom Cruise Charmed by Taj Mahal’s Beauty

Bollywood News Dec 6, 2011 No comments
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Tom Cruise is busy with nonstop promotional tours for his next film Mission Impossible—Ghost Protocol. Now when he is on a world tour for promotions he would be touching grounds of exotic locales. The first among them was Agra’s Taj Mahal. Recently Tom was in Mumbai for promotions.

Tom Cruise at The Taj Mahal

Tom Cruise at The Taj Mahal

During a press conference on Saturday the Hollywood star said, “I wanted to come to India my whole life, so I am very excited. “

Cruise was the guest of honor in the party thrown by Anil Kapoor who is also featuring in this Hollywood venture.

When reporters asked how did he find Taj his instant reaction was “Stunning”. “I love being here, I’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal,” he adds.

So, has Tom been bitten by the Bollywood bug? Well guys, you might be surprised to learn that he loves Bollywood.

“I love watching Hindi movies,” he told reporters. “There are many Hindi movies that come out every year, but I do watch a few of them. [If offered a role] I would never say no. I would love to do it.”

It is expected that now Tom would be heading for Dubai.


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