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SRK and Ranbir Kapoor to host the 57th Idea Filmfare awards this year

Bollywood News Jan 23, 2012 No comments
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This could probably be the most exciting piece of news of 2012 yet. Its official now, the King Khan himself and the new chocolate boy of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor are to host the 57th Idea Filmfare awards together this year.

Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to host Idea Filmfare Awards 2012

Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to host Idea Filmfare Awards 2012

Filmfare is by far the most prestigious award ceremony in Bollywood. It surpasses every other award show, be it the Screen or the Stardust. Also, featuring on the front page of Filmfare magazine is considered the epitome of success in your Bollywood career. It is by far the most successful and popular film magazine.

The award ceremony is a star-studded event, which the who’s who of Bollywood, leaving behind their animosities and rivalries attend righteously each year. It is the most awaited event of the year with glamour and glitz at its peak.

Every year it has been hosted by top-notch celebrity duos like Saif Ali Khan-Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor-Imran Khan. The hosts are generally facetious and extremely witty. SRK is known for his brilliant humour and ability to conduct stage shows with his cheeky jokes, but with utmost grace. He takes regular digs at all the celebrities but it is all believed to be in good humour as long as they are put up a great show for the audience.

This year is apparently bigger and better with the unconventional pairing of Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan hosting the award show. The King Khan himself is back to claim his throne. Also, with the release of two of his big films this year, it is likely we have quite a show in store for us. Ranbir Kapoor, the youngest rising star of Bollywood is his co-host, who also hosted last year’s awards show and did a pretty good job too.

It’s going to be a generic mix of two big stars coming from different eras of Bollywood, ruling in their own respective zones. Coincidentally, both have also been nominated in the Best Actor category. Shah rukh for Don 2 and, and Ranbir for Rockstar. did not receive critical acclaim and couldn’t live up to the hype of being the most expensive film of Bollywood yet. But it was an honest effort to match up with Hollywood standards. The special effects used were phenomenal. Don 2, meanwhile was a well-made movie and SRK did a fabulous job yet again in his role as Don. Rockstar on the other hand was a brilliantly made movie, flawed in a few areas but exceptional nevertheless. Ranbir has outdone himself, which is a constant trend in his movie career. Its going to be a tough choice between the adversaries as to who will win the prestigious award. But their chemistry, wit, jokes, comebacks and digs are what I’m sure everybody will be looking forward to.

I’m sure nobody will want to miss the much-awaited rib-tickling show to watch this eccentric twosome on the 29th of January to crack it up on stage.


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