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Shahrukh Khan to take up comedy in Chennai Express

Bollywood News Feb 29, 2012 No comments
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The man who took the industry by storm by romancing all actresses possible is now moving away from his comfort zone.

Shahrukh Khan turns comedian in Chennai-Express

Shahrukh Khan turns comedian in Chennai-Express

Yes, it is heard that Shahrukh Khan is taking on a comedy film with director Rohit Shetty. Who knew that Shahrukh Khan will go a step further and not finish his punches and one-liners in award ceremonies and stage shows? The actor surely has got the audience’s hopes high by making them want to see the funny SRK. The film which he has taken up for this comic project is called Chennai Express and finally Shahrukh Khan will venture to dig his funny side. We have seen him wear the mask of seriousness for Swades, Chak De India and many other movies which didn’t run around romance but a true comedy is now going to fall in his basket. While SRK has made a comfortable place in the movie, it will be taken after a good seven months.

The director is currently busy with his upcoming film Bol Bachchan which is also a film in the genre of comedy. The movie will release this July and one is yet to figure out how the lead actors Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn will fare in their comic timings. When asked to talk about Chennai express, Rohit Shetty felt that it would need some time till he could actually comment on it. The film being in its planning stage is yet to find a firm base. What the director does promise though is that it will be a complete package of entertainment. He said besides comedy, one can also expect spiced up action scenes and the much needed romance to make it a Bollywood favourite. So now romance reminds us of the leading lady of the film. To that the director said that it is still to be decided as to who will romance SRK in this film.

The director seems to be quite dedicated since he has already chalked out his forthcoming films. While he won the Best Director award for Singham he ahs refused to go into South Indian remakes at least fro now. He will still be glued to action though and he has confirmed that he has plans to make a film based entirely on action after his movie with Shahrukh Khan. That’s not it. He claims his fame with his Golmaal series and since his movie series was the first trilogy that Indian cinema witnessed, he is all quite keen to take it much ahead of this. The script of Golmaal 4 is under construction and the movie will be taken on the floor only after a year or more. He also says that he doesn’t want to fiddle with the cast since each character is now a definition in him. The movie has been made by the characters and losing them means losing the feel of the film.


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