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Rajinikanth becomes the true hero: He will do all stunts on his own

Bollywood News Feb 8, 2012 No comments
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One has always known that Rajinikanth is a super star who has done several action packed movies. He is one of the best known actors for movies that have left audiences dumbfounded. Whether it is battling with bullets or revolting against 20 odd men, it’s the Rajinikanth power that can fight it all. But the credit for these heroic stunts goes to the computer generated animations which make this man a man of steel. But we hear that Rajinikanth will give up artificial stunts and perform on his own to fulfil the need of action sequences in his movies. He says that since he already does a few stunts on his own, he might as well go all the way and accomplish the task all by himself.



If you think is he too old to pull off the act then you needn’t worry at all. The doctors have declared the superstar medically fit to perform these dangerous stunts. Well that sure is good news for all Rajinikanth fans.

His next film is that being made his daughter. Kochadaiyyan will see a drastic change since he refuses to make use of the technical aspects, the procedure being called the performance-capturing technique. Rajinikanth  wants to get rid of the computer tools since he feels that it is an indirect form of cheating his fans. While enthusiastic Rajni is geared up to take the challenge, concerned daughter is unwilling to take the risk after witnessing the recent ill health of her father.

This raises a kind of disagreement between the two. The daughter believes that his age doesn’t permit him to overwork himself and take the risk of these hazardous stunts. Young at heart Rajni feels otherwise. Rajinikanth is firm about his ability to take over such action sequences and he is sure to fulfil them adequately well. We hear that though his upcoming movie will give him the leeway to perform some stunts on his own; it still wouldn’t take on a complete manual mode. Performance capturing technical techniques will be put in place when required to shoot some grave and intensely rigorous stunts. Considering the rigidity reflected by Rajinikanth to do as much as possible, the physical stunts will be performed under the guidance of doctors who can monitor his state continuously. Also present will be experts of stunts to review every performance enabling him to perform them with ease and comfort to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

While many heard that Vidya Balan was going to play the lead against him in this movie but her refusal gave the golden opportunity to the sensational Katrina Kaif. Kaif has been taking several different roles to prove her prowess to the industry. While she has asked the film makers to wait since she is held up with Yash raj Films’ Projects; one can still hope that there is a strong possibility for her to become a part of the movie.


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