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Poonam Pandey to enter Bollywood

Bollywood News Apr 18, 2012 No comments
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Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey goes Bollywood

Poonam Pandey’s financial manager Vipin Medhekar has confirmed that Poonam Pandey will be soon doing a Bollywood film. He further confirms that the first look of the Poonam’s film will be out soon, hopefully by the end of this month or earlier next month.

Vipin also says that it will be the boldest film of Bollywood till date. Meanwhile Aditya Bhatia, the national marketing head for the Production House claims that Poonam was the most preferential choice for the film and role as she ahs immense potential and talent.

Few rumors say that it will be a biopic of Poonam however, it is not the truth. Aditya says, ”Why would we make a film based on her life? Her life is out in the open in cyberspace. The film will show her in a different light.”

Hope Poonam shows her acting skills more than skin show in the film.


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