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Nupur Mehta to take legal action against Sunday Times of London

Bollywood News Mar 14, 2012 No comments
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Whether Nupur Mehta is innocent or not is yet undecided, however she has decided to take serious measures against the newspaper that claimed that the Bollywood actress was involved in fixing the semi final match between Indian and Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup last year.

Nupur Mehta to sue Sunday Times of London over Cricket match fixing allegations

Nupur Mehta to sue Sunday Times of London over Cricket match fixing allegations

Nupur Mehta is s embroiled that her name has been dragged into the controversy that she has considered to take a legal action against ‘Sunday Times’ besides a defamation action.

Talking to a leading daily of India she said, “I am really hurt and considering legal action against the paper for using my picture.”

The ICC (International Cricket Council,) on the other hand, claims that the reports saying that it was investigating the case were utterly “baseless and misleading.”

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and ex-cricket players however treats the reports with bit caution.
Rajiv Shukla, Vice President of BCCI, informed the media in New Delhi last night, “Newspapers can publish anything.

Unless we get something concrete from an (investigating) agency or the International Cricket Council, I don’t think it will be appropriate to react to it.”

Even former Indian cricket team captain, Saurav Ganguly, denies the speculations that India might have reaped some benefits from fixing claims.

He says, “I don’t know how they have got the information but let me tell you that India are world champions and nobody can take that away from us. I need to know the exact details of the allegations but please don’t take away what India did in the competition.”

Bishan Singh Bedi, a great spin bowler demanded that the bookmakers should be hauled up for formulating such stories, but he also said that ICC and BCCI should be cautious.

Talking to a leading television channel he said, “We have heard so many things about the Commonwealth Games and various other political upheavals. How can cricket be an exception? Cricket is not the only sport which reflects the time you live in, and this is not the only expose. Neither the ICC nor the BCCI can dismiss this particular expose very easily.”


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