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Jism 2 is a marketing genius for Arunoday Singh

Bollywood News Apr 5, 2012 No comments
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Arunoday Singh sees Mahesh Bhatt’s entry into the Bigg Boss 5 and approaching Sunny Leone directly there a marketing genius. Even the nude picture of model with a shimmering sheet on, was also enough for enticing attention.

Sunny Leone with Jism 2 actors

Sunny Leone with Jism 2 actors

Arunoday is confident that all this work in favor of the film. He says, “The film is a marketing genius. Every move by the makers is very smart and that is the reason the film was being talked about so much even before it went on floors. Now, it is up to us to pull it off.”

Arunoday plays love interest of Sunny Leone alongwith Randeep Hooda. He is all praises for Sunny. He is comfortable working with her. “She (Sunny) is very beautiful. I don’t judge anyone by the work the person has done in the past. She may be a porn star but Jism 2 is not a porn film. People should keep that in mind,” said 28 year old the actor.

Bhatt’s movies are more women centric, but Singh has no qualms about it even. All the attention that Sunny is grabbing these days doesn’t affect Arunoday.

“I have no problems with the fact that the focus is on Sunny. I care only about my work. I care about my role. I don’t care who they cast, how they make it, how they promote it. My job is to act,” he signs off.


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