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It’s apology time for Shahrukh Khan again!

Bollywood News Jan 26, 2012 No comments
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With great power, comes great responsibility and so is the case with our superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.  He is under constant scrutiny, not just by the paparazzi, but now by the celebrities too. Given his superstar status, it is but natural that everybody demands his attention. This time it was an apology, not attention that was expected out of him.

Asha Bhosle and Shah Rukh Khan

Asha Bhosle and Shah Rukh Khan

Recently at an awards function, Asha Bhosle received an award in the Best Singer category. She was also requested to sing one of her songs on popular demand. It was then that Shah Rukh got up from his seat and left for some urgent work outside. Asha Bhosle took this as a personal insult. After the show, she went backstage and made it a point to ask him the reason for his offensive behavior. She was almost reprimanding him because she was really upset by his behavior.

He then apologized since it was a genuine mistake. He did not intend for it to happen. He sincerely regretted his disrespectful attitude and explained to her what exactly had transpired at that instant. She being one of the most respectable, finest singers in the industry, even Shah Rukh Khan cannot afford to offend such a legend.

This has not been the first time such an event has occurred. In the past also Shah Rukh has intentionally or unintentionally offended many people in and outside the industry. The best and most famous example would be Salman Khan. Their fight is by far the biggest news of B-town. Shah Rukh did eventually apologize to Salman on national television, on his good friend Karan Johar’s chat show but Salman did not pay heed to his ‘fake’ apology, which other people too labeled as a publicity gimmick.

Also, Shah Rukh has apologized to Aishwarya Rai at Karan Johar’s party a few months back. They have had a bitter relationship since he replaced her by Rani Mukherjee in ‘Chalte Chalte’.  This helped heal Shah Rukh’s and the bachchan family’s sour relations. He also fought with Farah Khan, who was like family to him. But by their recent interviews it seems like they have kissed and made up after all.

Shah Rukh wasn’t exactly wrong when he admitted to having no real friends in life, on Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’, which brought tears to his closest friend, Karan’s eyes. If not your celebrity pals Shah Rukh, we sure do love you and always will.


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