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Hrithik Roshan visits his old school to promote Agneepath

Bollywood News Jan 26, 2012 No comments
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Agneepath, the desperately awaited movie by Dharma Productions released today.

Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath

Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath

In order to promote it, Hrithik Roshan has been going from place to place to sell the remake of the 90’s superhit Amitabh starrer movie. On this promotional tour, one campaign took place in Hrithik’s very own school, Bombay Scottish.

Last week, he revisited his old school after 25 years. It was a nostalgic experience as he strolled through the campus, recalling his old days and his hangout spots. Even though he wasn’t much of a serious, dedicated student, he did have quite a few fond memories to cherish. As a kid, he loved bunking school. He often feigned sickness so that he could stay home. It is rumoured that he had quite a troubled school life for quite some time as his classmates mocked his stutter, and ragged and ridiculed him. This demotivated and embarrassed him and led to low school attendance and average academic performance. Contrary to the Hrithik we know now, his teachers stated that he was a quiet and submissive kid. However, this time he was quite emotional when he came back to his old school. It brought back old memories of his childhood.

When he decided to visit the school, he requested to meet his two favourite English teachers, Mrs. Mosses and Mrs. Beindish, who have now retired but immediately gave in their consent when they heard from their star student, in spite of not teaching there anymore. When he arrived, he visited his old classrooms and walked through the lawns. He was so dissolved in his reminiscence that it took him a while to get talking about his main purpose there, the promotion of his upcoming movie, Agneepath.

The students obviously were fascinated having a star in their midst. They performed for him and danced to his popular tracks while Hrithik watched in awe. He was also presented with a memento by the principal, which he jokingly said was the first ever prize he has received in school.

The school authorities also requested him to attend their Founder’s day held every year in March, but he graciously refused since he had to shoot for the Krrish sequel, Krrish 3 at that very time. But, he also said that he would make sure he attends the event in the following year. It was all over a work cum pleasure experience for him wherein he recollected old days and memories of his school life.


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