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Chaar Din Ki Chandni apparently a tribute to Sridevi

Bollywood News Jan 2, 2012 No comments
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Kulraj Randhawa

Kulraj Randhawa

Samir Karnik is making a film that apparently is a tribute to Sridevi and her stardom. Titled ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’, the movie is currently being shot in Jodhpur. The enduring charm of Sridevi has not left even Samir unaffected.

“Kulraj Randhawa plays Chandni, a character obsessed with everything to do with Sridevi. As such, there are ongoing references to various Sridevi starrers,” says a source.

Further the rights of the 1989 hit film ‘Chandni’’s song ‘Chandni Oh Meri Chandni’ acquisition has confirmed that the film would be based on Sridevi.

However, ‘Chandni’ original track had vocals of Sridevi herself, this film would see voice of another artist. Samir wishes to have the rerecord the track by another singer.

The music director of the film Abhishek Ray says, “One can’t tamper with an iconic song that is synonymous with Sridevi’s beauty and stardom. Classical maestros Shiv-Hari composed Chandni Oh Meri Chandni, so there isn’t much I’d like to do to change the flavor. It will remain a duet, but yes, my version will be sung by two different singers.”

Kulraj Randhawa is playing Chandni in the film. Om Puri, who plays Kulraj’s father in the movie says, “An old fort in Jodhpur has been turned into our hotel and also the shooting venue. All of us from actors to technicians are staying together at this fort. It’s a unique way of shooting for a film because no time is wasted.”


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