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Akriti Kakkar happy with the Jism 2 goof up

Bollywood News Jul 20, 2012 No comments
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Akriti beautifully rendered the song in question, ‘Abhi Abhi’ in her voice for Jism 2 but when the CDs came out the song was wrongly credit to Shreya Ghoshal. The song has been recorded in two versions actually by Akriti and Shreya.

Akriti Kakkar

Akriti Kakkar

The confusion cropped up while compling the music album for Jism 2 that resulted into wrong credits. Talking to a tabloid Akriti said, “I was wrongly quoted by an publication that I was fumed on the goof up. I would just like to clear out that I don’t want to blame anyone; it’s a confusion which generally tends to take place while compiling an album. There are two versions of the song ‘Abhi Abhi,’ one sung by me while other by Shreya, and my version has gone under Shreya’s name by mistake.”

However she is not miffed up with this confusion. She says she is happy that her fans recognized her voice and informed her about it.

“Infact, I have taken this goof up as a compliment because I am glad to know that my fans have recognized my voice, which is the best compliment an artiste could ever get. I have also been praised stating that my voice resembles Shreya Ghosal’s vocals. We are best friends so I have no reason to get annoyed with or blame anyone,” says Akriti.

Bhatts have admitted the fault and said that Akriti’s version was wrongly credited and so the next batch of CDz will comprise of Shreya’s voice as stated.

Seems Jism 2 is another name of controversies and hiccups.


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