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Action on and off the reel: Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood News Mar 11, 2012 No comments
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We often wonder why is it that all film actors start doing all the good and bad deeds just before the release of a film. While the answer isn’t hidden behind a completely opaque curtain, they clearly are craving severe attention to ensure that the promotion of the film does not go unnoticed in any way possible.

Saif Ali Khan coming out of Colaba police station

Saif Ali Khan coming out of Colaba police station

A recent incident which has clearly proved our observation right is the Saif Ali Khan assault. Who knew that safety could be at stake while feasting on a steak? After the action that was witnessed the police has taken charge immediately and is on a look out for the actor. An official complaint has been registered against Saif by the man who faced the brunt of it all, the dear victim Iqbal Sharma.

Saif Ali Khan was dining with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and a couple of other friends at South Mumbai’s famous restaurant, Wasabi. Had heard Japanese food was their specialty but did not realise action had taken over the food. After the action packed sequence at the restaurant Iqbal filed an FIR against Saif and ever since the police is on a chase. In fact an arrest warrant has been issued in his name and he will have to face the music.

The victim was also out for dinner with his family and fortunately or unfortunately landed up at Wasabi the same night. On getting disturbed by the loud conversations that Saif was sharing with his companions, Iqbal made a mention to him regarding the issue and asked him to lower his voice. Saif got offended by the objection being raised and entered a massive unending argument with Iqbal. Mostly we thought that it pleases people to sit on a table next to the table occupied by celebrities. Guess tides have changed the shores. What did bring an end to the heated discussion was the final punch by Saif and this was an action punch which blew up Iqbal’s nose. Several charges have been put on Saif and his friends who were indirectly a part of the act. As we happen to inquire, IPC 325 and 34 have been enforced directly.

The investigation in charge ACP for Colaba area, Iqbal Shaikh has dismissed the rumours of an arrest against the actor. He said that we are currently trying to trace Saif Ali Khan since we have not heard about his where about since the incident took place. Once we find him, we will put him under questioning to get his side of the story without which no decision can be taken. Arresting him is much later a stage, if at all required. He also mentioned the presence of around ten people for that dinner quoting that Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora were spotted during this incident.

This calls for signals signifying that Kareena and Amrita will also be required to produce statements if and when asked to do so. There are no escape routes for legal proceedings after all. I wonder why people think the incident could throw a bad light on his upcoming movie. As far as we know any publicity is good publicity, it eventually brings the stars into limelight. And anyway it is not that Saif has been faced with such charges for the first time. He’s had to learn his lessons. Remember when he assaulted a photojournalist. Yes, the one at Patiala in the middle of shooting a film. May be Saif decided to relive memories or make new ones for his upcoming venture Agent Vinod which by the way is a film revolving around action.


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