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Dam 999

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Dam 999

Dam 999

Though Dam 999 is an English movie, yet the presence of Bollywood actors makes it worth including in your movie list to be seen next week. This 3D movie is a tribute to the lost souls of the world’s worst man made dam disasters which claimed a toll of lives. Similar to this dam each character in this movie has held back his emotions for varied reasons. The Dam is numbered 999 as it has great importance in British Colonial Indian history.

‘DAM999 is a tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in china that claimed 250,000 innocent lives’

The story of Dam 999  revolves around a 100-year-old dam built by the British during Raj. Dam breaks and so do it’s characters.

Dam 999 reveals the hidden truth of age old myths and science of India. Just as Dam holds water in it, the characters of the movie hold their emotions and gradually the film reaches its climax which turn out be quite enthralling.

Dam 999 is already lined up for the Oscars before it’s release.

Dam 999 is directed by a Keralite, most of the stars are from Kerala and most of the film’s shooting is done in Kerala. The movie is a Hollywood production financed by UAE. So it is a truly global movie which is bound to bring applauds of international audience.

Wait till next week and see the disaster of the Dam 999.

Star: Aashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Rajit Kapoor, Joshua Fredric Smith, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Megha Burman, Jaala Pickering, Jineet Rath

Director: Sohan Roy

Producer: Biz TV Network

Music: Ouseppachan

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: 25 November, 2011

Dam 999 Official Trailer


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