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Potpourri: A glimpse at the news makers of Bollywood

Bollywood Gossips Feb 2, 2012 No comments
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The unpredictable celebrities of our industry make it more and more interesting every passing day. From gossip to action stunts and scaling heights to bitching about coworkers; it’s all happening in the same domain. Let’s take a look at some of the most talked about celebrities in Bolllywood and what focuses the highlight on them yet again.

The game of silence: SRK and Piggy Chops

Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra - just friendship or intimacy?

Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra - just friendship or intimacy?

The alleged affair and romance between two leading stars of Bollywood, King Khan and Priyanka Chopra has been has been making waves for a long time now. But how does one reveal the truth when the actress chooses to kill with silence.

Priyanka Chopra has refused to express her views on this topic and has shunned it at all levels. The two have shared onscreen space in Don and Don 2 but rumours suggest that there’s more to the story than just being costars. While many have believed that the duo have been good friends, something every couple likes to call themselves in the industry but the smart cats of Bollywood smell some smoke.

When Priyanka was seen leaving the actor’s office in Mumbai at three in the morning, the spies caught hold of some gossip to relish. The raised brows of the eager spies were later seen turning into smirks when the ‘jodi’ came together to host the Zee Cine Awards show in Macau. Now that’s what we call wrong or should we say the right timing.

We hear that Neelam Kothari has been feeding Khan’s much celebrated wife Gauri about the romance between the two and it wouldn’t surprise us to know that Gauri has been maintaining distance from Piggy Chops at events and parties. In fact from what has been gathered, she also made her absence felt at the success party of Don2. While the actress has sustained silence, Shahrukh Khan has followed her footsteps by keeping equally mum on the matter. The disclosure of truth seems to be a far fetched dream. Does the silence mean burning passion or does it point towards the usual rumours; that we leave for the readers to decide.

Painting the town red!

Bipasha Basu - Painting the town Red

Bipasha Basu - Painting the town Red

Yes, quite literally. The actress who sported a blonde look for a long time now realized the need for a drastic makeover.

We surely are talking about the curvaceous and sizzling beauty Bipasha Basu. Looks like her New Year resolution for 2012 has been to get rid of old things and adopt something fresh. While we saw the diva taking a giant leap in her life after facing a disappointing break up with her long time boyfriend John Abraham and giving life a bright start; what has rather become the talk of the town are her lovely red tresses.

While most can’t dare to wear a hot red dress, this gorgeous Bong has taken redness to a new level by dying her hair in a deep tone of red. Well no has ever doubted the daring nature of the actress who has pulled off bikinis and some really sensuous scenes ever so charmingly. If you’re thinking how we got to know about it then it was an announcement made but the actress herself using the social networking site, Twitter. The actress is extremely delighted with her complete makeover as she was seen tweeting, “Changed my hair colour from my blondish look to a deep red colour! Quite a change! Can’t recognize myself.” Who doesn’t want to see more of the bombshell? Fans can keenly await the release of her two upcoming films: Jodi Breakers and Raaz 3 which certainly will be a treat to the eyes.

A couple that’s looks blessed: Saifeena

Kareena and Saif

Kareena and Saif

While some couples look unstable and staggered, there are a few others which are moving from strength to strength. One of the best examples in this industry of onscreen and off screen love is that of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

The two have brought together their real love on reels by starring in Agent Vinod. Singing praises for lady love, Saif couldn’t contain his happiness and expressed utmost delight after seeing his girl friend’s work in his home production. The lady who has always been seen romancing men and representing femininity has left Saif bowled over by her stellar performance in the action packed film.

Bebo has kicked many a butt and performed elaborate stunts for the film leaving her boyfriend as a proud man. He added that what has been further more captivating is the screen presence in such a different role and the facial expressions she has run along to match the character’s needs. After all playing a Pakistani CIA agent couldn’t have been a cakewalk for anyone. But then this love story is blossoming at both ends.

The actor has clearly dispelled any gossip or rumour suggesting that Saif’s character in the film is influenced by James Bond. In fact he said that he could be seen as a blend of Bond, Jason Bourne and also Tintin. While the film is a spy thriller and rejoices action packed stories, Kareena shows interest in being romanced by her love onscreen. Looks like Kareena will have to stay satisfied outside Bollywood since the actor feels that the audience will not be interested in a seeing a real life couple who have been splurged all over the place by media getting cozy onscreen. Let’s just hope that the two still find enough action and love in their real lives. 

Amidst the love labyrinths, Greek God Hrithik Roshan expresses ever so gracefully his opinion about Gauri Khan. The celebrity wife has just as much attention as her counterpart. He said that besides being talented, intelligent and smart, she is also the hottest. That’s a clean sweep for Gauri Khan who has become Hrithik’s blue eyed lady.  Twitter is not just promoting self any longer; at least that is what this tweet from Hrithik suggests to the world. Keep it hot and stylish and stay updated about Bollywood with us.


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