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Mallika Sherawat sizzles on the cover of WMB

Bollywood Gossips Feb 21, 2012 No comments
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World’s Most Beautiful (WMB) has suddenly revamped it glamour appeal with uber sensuous Mallika Sherawat’s photo on its cover.

Mallika Sherawat in WMB

Mallika Sherawat in WMB 3D Magazine

Needless to say she was her bombshell self and lit the cover on fire! What’s better is that WMB is a 3D magazine and she has given a couple of ravishing shots to the magazine. The eyes behind the lens were those of Nick who Sherawat didn’t get tired of thanking. She was in love with the shoot and said that it was an ultra refreshing experience for her.

 Nick Saglimbeni capturing Mallika Sherawat's sensuality for WMB

Nick Saglimbeni capturing Mallika Sherawat's sensuality for WMB

Mallika Sherawat expressed her delight by saying that she had never been a part of such a shoot and this was a completely different experience for her. She said that being shot by an American photographer was very special but additionally the way her costumes, make-up and hair were dealt with with bit all the more exciting. Well it seems shooting in the middle of a desert outside LA was quite an experience for Mallika. The magazine has created quite a craze already. Being the world’s first 3D magazine, its popularity can be seen on tweets of celebs that can’t wait to pick a copy themselves.

Mallika Sherawat in WMB Photoshoot

Mallika Sherawat in WMB Photoshoot

If you think it’s only Mallika who is in love with the photographer then here’s the other side of the story that you really need to hear.

Smitten is the word; yes, Nick Saglimbeni who is our dear photographer is absolutely bowled over by the gorgeous Mallika Sherawat. In fact he took notice of her way too early in her career. She became his blue eyed girl just the time her career was soaring higher each day in Bollywood. He couldn’t wait to work with her and would pounce at any opportunity that allowed him to shoot her. What he really does like about Mallika Sherawat is that she has a different way of connecting with her audience and that separates her from the array of other actresses that our industry is full of.

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat has a different way of connecting with her audience - said Nick Saglimbeni

He said on WMB’s official website that he takes the very title of ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ very seriously and once he was given the task of bringing forth the right face he knew he needed to dig deep and get the perfect candidate. Indeed it was Mallika Sherawat as his first choice which he thought was an appropriate platform for him to launch her to a new pedestal, another part of the world where people would be captivated by her beauty.

One gets a hint that this venture could take Mallika places. Nick’s efforts are conspicuous when he describes that he wanted to ensure that the shoot brought out a whole new side of this actress. He wanted to give it a ‘star not seen’ effect and so he carried a very raw, soiled and typically American appeal. Doesn’t it sound hot, sexy and worth watching already?

Patience is always worth its wait. After all Mallika Sherawat isn’t an ordinary being anymore. It was on August 14, 2009 that she was got recognition of Honorary Citizenship of Los Angeles for all her professional achievements and also the charitable endeavours. We can see her getting back the limelight.


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