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February 14: From Couples old and new

Bollywood Gossips Feb 16, 2012 1 Comment
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Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza

Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza

Celebrity activities always charm the commoner and who doesn’t want to know how the most celebrated couples of our film industry celebrate the big day of love: Valentine’s Day. Well we might often think that they must be immersed in love and taking on all the benefits of luxury but that is not always the case. Here’s what Ritesh and Genelia, the latest couple on board did.

Who would have thought that the new couple would choose work over partying on their maiden Valentine’s Day? It is indeed commitment of a sort that could only be appreciated. What they did engage in on this day was promoting their upcoming film Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya at the venue of IIPM in Saket.  The couple is always smiling and a major credit for that must be given to Ritesh Deshmukh. He has completely proven his prowess as a comedian onscreen but his humuor tickles most even in real life. The couple share warmth with every place they visit and one witnessed that during this promotional act. The love could be seen floating all over the place. When someone asked him what he intends to gift Genelia on this Valentine’s Day he didn’t act coy and bashful and neither did he encounter it by calling it a personal affair, what he did do is that he went up to her and hugged her tightly. Well gestures do speak louder than words. A man with immense grace, the couple was so endearing that everyone present could feel enveloped with love.

Then comes in the round of rapid fire! They must answer a few questions to clear the test and so when Ritesh was asked what the duo likes about each other he immediately answered that he is really touched by how Genelia really values every relation that is present in her life. He also added that its evident to see her affection and he didn’t refer only to the relation they shared. He specified that forget human bonds but his spouse also felt love for her dogs and she makes enough space to be able to love everyone. Now it was the turn of the lady who needed to match the standard of a marvellous Ritesh who was making the crowd fall in love every passing minute. She had an appropriate answer ready as well. She said that she loved the fact that Ritesh is respectful to everyone around. He hasn’t let his social status get to his head and he holds great respect for all people around and that’s one thing she really loves about him.

Those answers would have won them any award. The cheerful crowd bore testimony to the fact that the couple was dazzling and was perfectly made for each other. The couple was now asked if they shared the same bond onscreen and if they thought the chemistry same alive on the screen. Genelia surprised the crowd with an answer that raised her to a much higher pedestal. She said that in her opinion the chemistry is not the equation that two co-actors share but all the more it is the equation that the actor shares with his director or producer. She said that it is entirely the director’s call to showcase the love and romance that the actors share onscreen and hence, his perspective flows on to the screen.

Only a couple who has shared immense affection and love for years could reflect such ease and comfort. Ritesh couldn’t stop himself from admiring his wife and her capability to act. He said that they first started their career together with the film Tujhe Meri Kasam and since then they are both equipped with richer experience. Having done as many as 20-25 films, the couple has grown immensely as individual actors. Ritesh thus said that he thinks that Genelia is indeed a fine actress and is much better an actor than he is. That’s a courageous thing to say. Most people would like to blow their own trumpet but we do see a shining streak of true love here. To add another point he says that Genelia is full of energy and that is a strength of hers which takes her places. She is flamboyant and bubbly which makes her fun and interesting in everyday’s mundane life.

The real life story seems to be the inspirations for this movie since the characters eventually fall for each other in the film much like they did in real life. They started off as friends and then turned into lovers till they finally realised it was time to get married and live happily ever after. Well yes, Genelia is completely content with her post married life and loves every bit of it.

One can surely learn a lot from this young actress who portrays a lot of sensibility in her personal life. She says marri8age is a boon and adjustments are just a part of it. Every family calls for adjustments but she doesn’t consider Ritesh’s family a separate entity. She thinks it’s very much her own. For her she says life has not quite transformed after marriage tough priorities of course need to be re-established. She also pleases her fans by saying that she will still continue to act and take up movies.

Now we check what a more settled couple from the industry planned for this Valentine’s Day. Some people don’t need a special day to celebrate and that’s just what Kalki Koechlin had to say about what she thought about Valentine’s. The lady came in a few years ago but conveniently made a space for herself. She has not really done the clichéd roles and that is what makes her so special to Indian cinema. With her movies like Dev D, Shaitan na, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, one can surely sing praises about her versatility. Married to a great director, Anurag Kashyap she says that they have never been together on this day of exchanging love publicly but that has never been any hindrance in stopping them from romancing each other. Like very other year in their three years of a strong relationship, Kalki and Anurag will celebrate distant love since the busy director is in Berlin for work. Kalki gave in a remarkable answer that the couple hasn’t witnessed any change after marriage and they invest quality time with each other. It’s just not one day that marks the love they share but the year round activities that keep them together. She says sheepishly that there are moments when they become teenage kids and can’t get enough of each other. Kalki was spotted in Delhi at the DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj to celebrate its third anniversary.


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