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Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya headed for splitsville?

Bollywood Gossips Jan 29, 2012 No comments
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Allegedly, Tinsel Town’s long-legged beauty, Deepika Padukone and the Kingfisher heir, Siddhartha Mallya have ended their relationship of one year.

Siddhartha Mallya and Deepika Padukone

Siddhartha Mallya and Deepika Padukone

They began dating in March 2011 when Deepika Padukone was roped in as the brand ambassador for Kingfisher airlines. It was a while after her break up with Bollywood chocolate boy, Ranbir Kapoor. The rumours of her and Sid’s relation surfaced due to her regular appearances at the IPL matches with the Mallya’s and dinner dates at five star hotels with Siddhartha.

We heard that he had even arranged a surprise bash for his lady love in Copenhagen on her birthday in 2011. They regularly came hand-in-hand for parties and social events. Recently, Mallya junior was in the news since his drink had been spiked at a night-out and he had woken up the following morning to find himself in the hospital.

As of late, they have barely made any public appearances together at parties or award functions, or kissed at events, which is a routine affair. Last, they were spotted at Salman’s sister, Arpita Khan’s party together. Hence speculations are now rife about their break up. If we call to mind some recent events, Siddhartha and Deepika’s ex-flame got along like a house on fire at a party. It seemed like the genesis of maturity, but it was just a signal of the brewing troubles between the couple.

Deepika has previously dated Ranbir Kapoor for a long period and their relationship ended in the beginning of 2010 due to Ranbir’s infidelity. She was heart-broken and single for about a year then, until she couldn’t hold back on meeting the charming U.S. born and bred boy. While his father has the reputation of being quite a Casanova, Mallya junior has been surprisingly faithful. They have apparently had a long, strong relationship. Ranbir had evidently made many efforts to win her back but all in vain. Recently on being endowed with the Best Actor award, commemorated by Deepika herself, he got emotional and spoke about how his performance was due to being in a state of love, having clearly hinted towards Deepika, while she was blushing at his side. This has also obviously increased the misunderstandings between Deepika and Sid. Ever since Ranbir and Deepika have signed a movie together, he has been insecure for befitting reasons. To make matters worse, Ranbir has been sending her gifts as a sign of gratitude of their new friendship. The rifts have just been building in between Deepika-Siddhartha.

The picture was different a while ago when he dined with Deepika’s family and it was apparently heading towards a stronger bond. Then suddenly, he was conspicuous with his absence at her birthday. By all accounts they have headed separate ways even though her PR managers deny this. Lets see what fate has in store for the hot couple.


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