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Vidya Balan gained 12 kilos for The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan Dec 4, 2011 No comments
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Vidya Balan’s hard work is reflected in her film The Dirty Picture. She admits that she has doen the boldest role of her career in this film. Vidya says, “The part required a lot of mental preparation since I had to shed all my inhibitions to portray myself as the controversial south Indian actress Vijayalaxmi.”

Vidya Balan at the Premiere of The Dirty Picture in Dubai

Vidya Balan at the Premiere of The Dirty Picture in Dubai

Though she has essayed sensual roles earlier also in Ishiqia and Parineeta, but doing this one was not a cakewalk at all. She promoted her film in a retro look as she is seen in the film.

“You are right. It’s an extremely bold and brazen character. Silk is a girl who wants to make the most of every moment in her life and that was something I had to imbibe in me. So, there was no other kind of preparation, it was more of mental preparation. Reading the script and then discussing it with the writer and director, they would discuss about the attitude of the character, her child like behavior and then she is considered a sex bomb, so mainly we discussed the part of how to maintain a balance. It was just mental preparation and nothing else,” said Balan.

She admitted that she had overcome her apprehensions and gained as much as 12 kilos to look exactly like a south Indian actress.

Says Vidya, “Yes, I gained 12 kilograms for this film because this girl belongs to the South film industry and the actresses were mostly wholesome out there, especially the dancing stars. So, I had to put on weight. Initially, I was a little apprehensive and I did not want to put on so many kilos, but then I realised that if I don’t do it, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the role. So, then I went ahead and put on 12 kilograms.”

So is there any similarity between Vidya and Silk Smitha, and she refuses stating that the only common thread between them is the fact that the character essays the role of a dancing star in the 80s.

To ensure the film’s success, actor Emraan Hashmi and producer Ekta Kapoor along with Vidya Balan visited the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty at Ajmer in Rajasthan.

They offered prayers at the shrine for their upcoming movie to be a success.

Ekta said, “I have come to the shrine after a long time to seek blessings for the success of our film The Dirty Picture.”


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