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Sameera Reddy – The next action girl of Bollywood

Sameera Reddy Jan 26, 2012 No comments
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Her latest Tamil movie, Vettai, have turned a smashing hit on box office where her performance is applauded. With her next Hindi film she is donning the garb of action girl.

Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy

Tezz, her next Hindi film will see her as an action girl doing some action scenes herself. She might have been a village girl in Vettai but here she is someone who can knock you down.

Sameera Reddy shares her experience, “I shot for both these films simultaneously, so if I was riding fast bikes and performing adventurous stunts for Tezz one day, I would rush back to Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu to shoot in sarees for Vettai the next day! Shooting for both these films has been a great experience.”

While Vettai is enjoying houseful shows, Tezz is due in April where Sameera is supported by Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgan. Sameera is happy wit the appreciation she is receiving for her chemistry with her co-star in Vettai.

She says, “Credit must go to our director Lingusamy. I also feel the great off-screen rapport that we actors shared reflected on the screen.”

She is acting opposite R.Madhavan in the movie, where Amala Paul and Arya are in the lead roles. Talking about Madahvan she says, “Maddy and I had a great time shooting for the film. It was particularly fun filming our wedding scene. If in Hindi it was Tanu Weds Manu for Madhavan, in Tamil it was Maddy weds Sammy! It’s almost like everyone wants to marry him!”

Sameera Reddy in Tezz

Sameera Reddy in Tezz

As Vettai is a hit film now, can we have more of Sameera in south Indian films and she replies, “I’m very much at home in the South film industry. I now want to do a Kannada film. My mother is a Kannadiga and she wants me to do a Kannada film. I am looking at a few scripts and soon something may fall into place.”

Besides Tezz, she is also doing Nagesh Kuknoor’s ‘Ye Hausla’. Here she plays a woman who fights for her rights. Seems Sameera has her hands full with substantial projects.

“I am craving for performance-oriented roles. I want to become like Simran and Jyothika whose names are associated with acting rather than glamour,” says the dusky beauty.

She is also taking keen interest in cricket these days. We can easily spot her Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) matches.
“T20 matches have got many more women, including me, interested in cricket. CCL matches are fun to be at. I am enjoying the cricket being played by my team, Chennai Rhinos. Vishal makes a great captain. More than anything CCL has earned me good company,” Sameera signs off.


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