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Sameera Reddy’s Credit Card Hacked

Sameera Reddy Feb 8, 2013 No comments
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Sameera Reddy's Credit Card account hacked

Sameera Reddy’s Credit Card account hacked

A USA based hacker hacked bimbo Sameera Reddy’s credit card and spent Rs. 5 Lakhs over a week’s period and she didn’t know anything. And not only that the daring hacker called Telugu item girl to let her know that he was the proud fan who stole her money.

This is classical example of the saying “rich are stupid”. First this B grade Bollywood star didn’t know that she has to contact the bank and block her credit card. And not only that she ended up in heated argument with bank authorities over paying the due amount.

Matter was resolved after 2 months of verbal volleys between Sameera Reddy and the bank.

Get a life Sameera and learn something else than shaking booty.


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