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Preity Zinta joins hands with Leonardo DiCaprio

Preity Zinta Nov 23, 2011 No comments
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NASDAQ or fetching brand name representative to a municipality, Preity Zinta is always in news for a noble cause. And this time she is busy advocating the survival of tigers in India. For this reason she is not alone. She has collaborated and joined hands with Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta

Recently in Russia Intercontinental Tiger preservation Forum in St. Petersburg invited the famous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta along with Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio for tiger inventiveness. The countries that are a resident to tigers were invited to a round table conference hosted by the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladmir Putin.

Leonardo, Naomi and Preity collaboratively drafted a strategy for providing this movement an international appeal. Preity and Naomi had met previously too. But this time it was for a different cause. The two sensational ladies discussed at length together the issue of tiger poaching. Preity, as a measure for this initiative, would be traveling worldwide and creating a buzz around the people for awareness. As a confirmation she has twitted, “India has over a billion community and only 1409 tigers! Think on the subject of it?”

Preity was invited to the conference for discussing the offence and prejudice to tigers. She was also asked to give her support to the St. Petersburg announcement on Tiger preservation in addition to an international Tiger recuperation Program.

For this whole affair, Preity had posted, “Just landed in St Petersburg! Whew! extensive flight! Its magnificent 2 see da city I understand inscription so a large quantity short period at what point in time I was in educate:-) Ting! Loving it!”

Good for Preity we guess, if not films then why not a cause to support. What say guys!


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