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Neha Dhupia doesn’t like to be compared

Neha Dhupia Dec 13, 2011 1 Comment
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Neha Dhupia was busy with her latest release Pappu Can’t Dance Saala along with Vinay Pathak. It is not the first film with Vinay and Neha. So how did she like the experience? “I’ve worked with Vinay in four films and it only keeps getting better every time I team up with him. He is a thorough professional and I’ve learnt a lot from him, on and off screen,” says Neha Dhupia.

Neha Dhupia and Vinay Pathak Promoting Pappu Can't Dance Sala

Neha Dhupia and Vinay Pathak Promoting Pappu Can't Dance Sala

Earlier Neha Dhupia was looked up as a sex kitten then why is she doing offbeat films now? She says, “I am not very choosy about my roles. It’s just that I do not want to get typecast as a particular character. My job is to entertain and it doesn’t matter how I do it,” says Neha. Does that mean that she is willing to do something as bold and sensuous as Vidya Balan did in The Dirty Picture? “If the role demands it and I am happy with it, then why not?” she replies.

Neha Dhupia has recently given air to a fresh controversy when she said that Sunny Leone didn’t belong to Film industry but to another industry. She strongly retorted, “”First of all, I don’t like to be compared to other people. Secondly, I am not comfortable talking about Sunny. It’s a touchy subject.”

But Neha darling has been in the industry for ten years now but is she considered as a bankable actor by the filmmakers? “I have been successful as an actor and have hits to my credit. If I am still getting offers in the industry after so many years, it means I have done well. I am absolutely happy with the way my career has shaped up, but I still have a long way to go. I want to try new roles and different characters,” says Neha Dhupia.

Neha Dhupia finds south Indian film industry more professional. She has done a Telugu film recently. For south Indian film industry she says, “I’d love to work in the south as the industries are quite evolved and much more professional than Bollywood. I’m just waiting for the right offer.”


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