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Kangana Ranaut on diet strict regime

Kangana Ranaut Apr 10, 2012 No comments
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What all does it take to make an actress appealing and convincing in a role? Ask Kangana Ranaut as these days she is experiencing some tough times. She is not only supposed to follow a strict diet plan to reduce weight but maintain it also. Meanwhile she has to learn martial arts, Judo and taekwondo even.

Kangana Ranaut on diet for Krrish 3

Kangana Ranaut on diet for Krrish 3

All this has resulted in a skinny Kangana who looks hotter than ever before. She has lost five kilos because of her strict regime. Reports suggest that she is learning martial arts to be fit and keep that fab figure.

And this is all for the perfection she has display for the role of the mutant character in Krrish 3 where she plays the lead. Her role demands a lot of action and physical sequences so she has to keep herself too fit for the character.

Training in martial arts will help her maintain her figure in addition to give her stamina. She is to don an outfit made from fabric that is intolerable in summers and Kangana has to wear and remove time and again.

Reports say that it is too tedious job and requires too much of time to get ready. Kangana starts her martial arts training early in the morning at 5 A.M. and then curbs on her meals also which has bestowed her with toned figure. However she has to take six hours of sleep as well.


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