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Esha Gupta Needs No Back Up Plan

Esha Gupta Oct 30, 2011 No comments
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Adding to the list of the influx of model turned actors in the film industry is yet another model Esha Gupta who has recently been roped in by the Bhatt camp for the Kunal Deshmukh directed Jannat 2.

Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta

The most recent model turned actress to enter the film industry is Esha Gupta who has been signed up for the Mahesh Bhatt production “Jannat 2”, a sequel to the Emraan Hashmi starred “Jannat”. Apparently Mahesh Bhatt wanted a fresh and “hot face” for the role and with her Angelina Jolie like looks there was little reason for Esha not to be able to bag the role. “What Maheshji needed was someone who could carry off the role well, act as well as look hot at the same time. However, Kunal thought that I fit the role perfectly. He was not keen on selling the film on a sensuality basis, as the film is not like Murder but a romantic movie,” elucidated Esha.

Esha Gupta is not here only to find a foothold in the industry, in fact she is here to prove a point. She is bent upon breaking the myth that models can’t act. Starring alongside Emraan Hashmi and Randeep Hooda in her Bollywood debut Jannat 2, Esha couldn’t have got a better start to proving her point. The model had seemingly quit the ramp and ostensibly kept to doing TV commercials only. “I was keen on focusing on something that had to do with acting which is why I chose commercials. I worked 14 hours a day instead of the eight hours print shoots that I did earlier. I also enrolled at an acting school and am polishing up my dancing skills. Luckily I have a good hold of the Hindi diction,” she illuminated. “However, times have changed, while there are models who have done exceedingly well onscreen, there are actors who simply know nothing about acting,” added Esha.

So with the amount of effort that Esha has put in to making a successful career at Bollywood, does she think she will ever have to revert to modeling? “I’m confident that I will do well for myself and so do not need to have a back up plan to fall upon if things don’t work out. Besides I may only model until the age of 34-35 and would probably have settled down before that and started a family,” replied Esha positively.

On another note, how does she think she will be able to outbeat the competition from the ever increasing invasion of star children, models and other talent that is continuously entering the industry. “I suppose it is not as difficult getting into the film industry, but finding your place there which is of concern. However, I have little to worry as I have got the best project to start my career with in the industry,” she quipped.


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