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Chitraganda Singh Back to Niche Cinema with Inkaar

Chitrangada Singh Dec 25, 2011 1 Comment
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The 31 year old actress is getting back to niche cinemas after Desi Boyz. She essayed the role of a hot Economics professor in the film opposite Akshay Kumar. But she has now returned to the parallel cinema with Inkaar, a Sudhir Mishra’s film.

Chitrangada Singh - hot Economics professor in Desi Boyz

Chitrangada Singh - hot Economics professor in Desi Boyz

She would be playing the role of a corporate woman who undergoes sexual harassment at the hands of her boss played by Arjun Rampal. She would be using her own past experience while doing the film.

Chitrangada Singh said, “I strongly believe that one is hardly required to prepare for the character who is sexually exploited, since every woman out there faces it in the daily course of life. Whether it is school or college days, there are unruly instances that are hard to forget.”

Her experience from her past has helped her to relate with the character in the film. She feels that exploitation is prevalent all over and may differ in intensity and severity.

“I don’t think any girl needs research of any kind to portray someone who is harassed. I remember how eve teasers used to strike us girls when we cycled back from school to home. The story was repeated in college as well where some or the other kind of harassment was the way of life. In the corporate world it may not be as blatant but then it is difficult to escape from perverts who may be well dressed and seem all groomed but have only one thing in their mind,” she said.
Chitrangada met a few Human Resource bosses in the real corporate world to have a firsthand experience of the real scenario. They presented her with the right detailing.

“Though I could relate to it, it was one draining experience no less. I did have discussions where I was told how such cases are presented and there are neutral bodies and NGOs involved as well. There is quite some documentation that goes in it and legalities are involved too. I realised that fighting such harassment cases are tough as well and one has to be prepared about the challenges ahead. This is what we have brought to fore in the film,” she says.

The actress is all praise for her costar Arjun Rampal also. She says, “Arjun is a good actor and he has this understated element in his performance which is bound to make an impression in ‘Inkaar’. Also, the very fact that he is so good looking makes all the difference because when he plays someone with grey shades, the overall impact turns out to be all the more lethal. I am sure for him too this zone would be exciting as he comes from a commercial set up.”

She added that though the film is made by Sudhir Mishra yet it would be a commercial venture. “I would say that it is a commercial venture. Of course it won’t be ‘masala’ entertainment. This means that ‘Inkaar’ would be on the same lines as Prakash Jha’s cinema which is issue-centric yet massy and entertaining,” she said.


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