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Bipasha Basu to explore India

Bipasha Basu Mar 21, 2012 No comments
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Bipasha Basu is not stressed with her tours to various cities, rendezvous with media and personal life. She sees all as part of her life style.

Bipasha Basu at a Hotel in Nagpur

Bipasha Basu at a Hotel in Nagpur

Bipasha Basu says, “It’s a part and parcel of our routine these days and so I don’t think there’s anything to fret about. However, I just wish that during all these promotional visits to various cities I got some more time on hand,”

Recently the Bengali babe was in Nagpur. Reminiscing about her journey she informs, “I’ve come here twice, but yet have seen so less of the city. And there are so many cities like this that we actors just touch base and leave.”

Adding further she says, “While I do try and soak in the experience of meeting my fans and reaching out to the people in each visit of mine, I do realize that there’s so much of India I have to explore!”

Bipasha loves hitting hotels, malls and multiplexes wherever she goes. She however wishes to see real India. “I’d love to take time off and see the real India. It’s something that excites me. Maybe, I’ll just do it. Unplanned. Much like how I took up acting. I learnt everything on the job. Maybe I’ll learn about India as I travel,” she signs off.


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