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Bipasha Basu Arrested in Russia

Bipasha Basu Dec 15, 2011 No comments
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Bipasha Basu Arrested in Russia

Bipasha Basu Arrested in Russia

Once our Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu, was done for the shooting of the day in Russia she was out on a walk with Sikander Kher. The two reached eventually reached a road where all the signage was in Russian. Before they could know or realize anything, a police car took them to a local police station. The two of them didn’t know what the matter was.

It was afterwards realized that the street they were walking on was prohibited for evening walk for security reasons. But being unaware of the language the sign boards were in, the two actors landed up in police custody.

But it was our Bips’ popularity or luck that one of the officers at the police station recognized her from one of her films and let her go realizing that it was not her mistake. The officers got to know that the two of them were shooting for a film and had no intention of security breaching. The police officer apologized to her and Sikander and let them go.

Today Bipasha Basu doesn’t remember the name of the street but she laughs about the entire incident when reminded. “I remember when the other cop recognized that I am a Bollywood actor, he began apologizing profusely. Although the entire incident shocked us initially, we have a good laugh about it even today. It was great fun actually,” says Bipasha Basu.


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