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Salman Khan funds the liberalization of 400 prisoners

Salman Khan Jan 29, 2012 No comments
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Salman Khan is known to have the ‘Bad Boy’ image but on the contrary, he has a heart of gold. He is known for his generous contributions, gifts and donations. Salman has started the Being Human Foundation to fund the underprivileged.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman has offered to pay the jail authorities to release 400 prisoners who have already served their sentence but are not getting freed due to non-payment of their fine as a result of poverty or other reasons.

Jail authorities have forwarded the request to the legal department and upon receiving the permission certificate, Salman’s Foundation will be contributing 40 lakh to liberate about 400 prisoners in 63 jails in Uttar Pradesh. Under general conditions, a prisoner is liable to pay a fine along with his sentence. If unable to pay the fine, their sentence is extended. To relieve them from this misery, Salman is granting them bail.

In the past, Salman himself has been convicted in a poaching case, where he was sentenced to one year of prison out which he served only 3 days. He was also arrested for rash driving over a footpath into a bakery. The charges again him were dropped. He also faced legal trouble when a phone tape of a conversation between him and Aishwarya Rai was found, wherein he was threatening her and boasting about his underworld connections. The tape was later found to be a hoax hence the case was buried.

Everyone who knows Salman Khan knows that the actor has a heart of gold. He has always helped those who deserve – be it the poor, the lonely, the tortured, the needy, the sick or the abandoned. On a reality show once, he promised to fund a man’s blind wife’s eye operation and his three daughters’ educations as well. He has donated blood during severe calamites like he did during the Mumbai blasts. He started a brand line to help raise money for charitable causes.

Behind a brave exterior there exists a soft-hearted man who longs to be recognized for his good actions aimed towards benefitting society and improving the condition of the underprivileged.


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